Industrial Water
(chemicals & services)
Raw Water Treatment
• Provide full package of raw water treatment program for different water quality request such as industrial, live stock, household, food process,  pharmaceutical, and electronics.

• Provide site service support, cost optimization, water quality analysis.

• Provide engineering design, extended water unit, improvement plan for existing water treatment plant.
Cooling Water
• Provide full package of cooling tower maintenance and control.

• An t i scalant package for improved CoC.

• Biocide with green biological profile.

• Automatic engineering equipment and dosing system.

• System monitoring and corrosion control program.

• ScaleBan Equipment for less quality makeup water.
Waste Water Treatment
• Provide full package of for selected chemical program in municipal waste water treatment.

• Provide non chlorination disinfection program for treated waste water before discharging to public waterways or rivers.

• Provide site service support.

• Provide water analysis support.
Softening Unit
• Provide full package of unit construction.

• Provide chemicals and media package.

• Provide design and construction.

• Provide after sales service.
RO (Reverse Osmosis) Unit
• Provide full package of unit construction.

• Provide chemicals and instrument.

• Provide design and construction.

• Provide after sales service

• Provide membrane cleaning service.
Paint Kill Water Recirculation
• Provide full package of chemical program for spray booth.

• Design dosing and improvement program to lower solid waste and strong odor.

• Establish the right dosing system and optimize cost reduction.
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